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Unleashing Creativity with AI Video Tools 📹

Published 4 months ago • 2 min read

Hello Reader,

A revolution is taking place in video creation, spearheaded by cutting-edge AI tools, and we’ve seen a huge improvement in the capability of GenmoAI, RunwayML’s Gen-2, and Pika’s animation features.

I’m excited about the improving text-to-video and image-to-video technology. I never thought I would make video content, but I am learning how to generate many different types of animation for multiple platforms.

Now, you can do it too.

A Closer Look at Genmo's Replay, Runway's Gen-2 & Pika

📹 Genmo Updates Replay Video Tool

Genmo's AI innovation continues to shine bright in Replay v0.2:

Replay is a new text-to-video tool on Genmo's multi-modal AI platform. The latest features include:

  • Drag or drop images to use as style references
  • Create up to 3 videos at the same time
  • Generate longer videos of up to 6 seconds

The image quality is outstanding. Try Genmo Replay here.

Take a look at some of my results:

🏁 Comparing Runway Gen-2, Pika, and Genmo

Which video tool works best?

It depends on what you are trying to create and your preferences.

Each one allows you to upload a starting image to animate, generate a new image, or a combination of an uploaded image plus a text prompt.

Other features to consider when comparing these tools:

Camera/motion controls:

Pika, Genmo, and Runway’s Gen-2 have the ability to control angles, speed, and rotation.

Video length:

  • Pika - 3 seconds
  • Genmo - 6 seconds
  • Runway - 18 seconds (each video is 4 seconds and can be extended 4 times, but quality and composition are difficult to maintain after the first extension.

User interface/app:

  • Pika is only available in Discord.
  • Gen-2 and Genmo exist on their individual brand platforms.


  • Pika is free for everyone.
  • Genmo’s free plan includes unlimited video generation and a paid option for unlimited fast generation.
  • Runway has a limited free plan and requires a paid subscription for continued use.

Here is a comparison of each one with the same starting image:

🎨 Midjourney's Web App

Midjourney rolled out the first phase of the new website - different than the current Midjourney webpage we’ve grown used to until now.

Features include:

  • Search through your images quickly by keywords
  • Lightbox shows ‘immersive’ view of images and nothing else
  • Ability to rate images with 1, 2, 3, or 4

This site will eventually replace the existing Midjourney page. (link)

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🚀 This Week’s AI Tools

Hive3: Join the first competitive generative AI community and league for a chance to win cash prizes for design challenges. I’m a Hive3 Ambassador - look for my challenges and events soon! (link)

Uncut: Create and mint your AI art, and join a community of creators for collaboration and new ideas. (link)

Remix: This free mobile app lets you create, share, and remix AI art with image generators, music, and more. Remix my pieces - Hbcoop. (link)

Niji•Journey: Niji has a dedicated mobile app to generate anime images. (link)

TalkNotes: AI voice note-taking app transforms your voice notes into usable content quickly. (link)

Answer The Public: Quick SEO keyword search tool with 3 free daily searches and the ability to search across Google, Bing, and YouTube. (link)

Grab my free Realistic Photography Cheat Sheet

Use this free reference to improve your text prompts for photorealistic styles.

You get easy-to-understand photography terms with example images to show you what you need to know. Learn how to prompt like a pro to get amazing photorealistic images:

Thanks for reading, and have a creative week!

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