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Sam Altman Out as CEO at OpenAI

Published 3 months ago • 3 min read

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I am publishing late because this week was a WILD week in AI, and I had a difficult time keeping up with the latest news.

🔮AI News This Week

Sam Altman Out at OpenAI

The biggest news dropped Friday evening, EST with the unexpected news of CEO Sam Altman’s departure from OpenAI.

Why? We don’t know. There is a LOT of speculation and we covered it for more than 3 hours at my Weekly Generative AI Recap Space on 𝕏.

I’ve been hosting these weekly spaces since January, with a wonderful panel: Matt Wolfe, Taylor Peterson, Linus Ekenstam, Rob Lennon, Alie Jules, Salma Aboukkar, and Bilawal Sidhu.

But nothing prepared any of us for a record-breaking number of listeners - 23,000 in the room during the call:

Listen to 𝕏 Space

We even had Lex Friedman in the room:

But the news changed rapidly, and Sam Altman and OpenAI’s former President, Greg Brockman were out of OpenAI while we were still in my Space.

I can’t begin to list the timeline of events or all of the developments, including speculation that occurred during the initial hours up until the writing of this edition of Visually AI.

👉 So, I found the best resource to be this constantly updated thread by a friend I trust - Rowan Cheung on 𝕏.

We will see in the coming days, how this news will affect ChatGPT, the OpenAI API, and other products many of us have incorporated into our daily routines.

Join me and my panel every Friday at 5 PM EST for our weekly recap, and listen to Friday’s Space here: Space link

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KreaAI Real-Time Generation

I don’t usually jump on every new tool (even though it might seem like it), but KreaAI is different.

Why? Real-Time Generation. You can scribble or upload an image or group shapes and enter a text description, and KreaAI edits your image on a separate side of the screen.

Don't focus on the wild scribbles on the left - watch what happens to the image on the right side, as I add lines and shapes:

KreaAI uses a universal Stable Diffusion Acceleration Module called LCM-LoRA, or Latent Consistency Models (LCMs) to generate images almost immediately.

It’s not the most crisp and clear image, but you can see how the light in the sky and clouds changes when I add small circles or lines.

I uploaded a reference image to experiment with my scribbled building below on the left side.

Watch the transformation on the right side:

After I manipulated the image around and above the sketched house, I placed my uploaded image on top of it.

Then I added colors to the sky to make it into a nighttime sky and added this to the text prompt: "night sky with moon and stars shining, dark sky"

KreaAI has styles you can choose from:

  • Photoreal
  • Illustration
  • Bloom
  • Product

You can also choose No Style.

Here is a result from No Style compared to the masked reference image:





I've only been using Krea for less than 24 hours and this was my first experiment. I can't wait to create more!

What would you create with this? Access is limited right now, but you can join the waitlist here: Krea Waitlist

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🛠️Cool AI Tools

Easy-Peasy.AI AI Text to Speech Generator: Generate audio from text using AI, in over 30 languages. (link)

Uncut Workshops for Digital Creators: Free workshops on Midjourney, DALL•E3, Stable Diffusion, and more. (link)

Meshy: Input text and images to generate high-quality 3D models and textures within a minute. (link)

CLIP Interrogator 2.1: This free tool examines images and creates prompts for generating similar images, which, based on my experience, are quite accurate in resembling the originals. (link)

Here’s an example below:

🎁 Get it free: The AI Visual Creator’s Toolkit

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Prompt like a pro with easy-to-understand photography terms and example images to guide you as a reference for amazing photorealistic images.

Download your free guide: Photography Cheat Sheet

Thanks for reading, and have a creative week!

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